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Sunday, July 3, 2011

First post

Annoyed? Interested? Doesn't matter! Anyway, when you read up to here, I'm past the first critical 50 milliseconds already, because, like it or not, as a user of the www you probably behave like an animal online.

Next, in order to fulfill your demand to see what you can expect here (and you do have that demand, see below), let's face it: Just another blog, probably nothing special around here, some random thoughts from a walk down the earth. Not as spectacular as Random Walk Down Wall Street, but hey, logically speaking, Wall Street is part of this as well, so who knows what I will cover one day here.
This blog has neither dedicated topic nor purpose. You might or might not find posts on my thoughts on some of the topics that I currently consider interesting, among them (but not in order):
Alright, I promised I'll proof what I meant with the bold statement above. Apparently that was kind of a lie (well, at least it kept you reading, right?), as I'm not proofing myself, but instead citing the awesome guy from above again:

Reading that myself again, I admit that sounds a bit like I would desperately be hunting for readers. Of course, I would be more than happy could I inspire one or two of you out there with my ideas, but that is not my major ...


Some people don't get tired of telling you how important it is to have goals. If you ever attended a business administration, marketing, HR or whatever 101 course at university, I trust you know what I'm talking about even better. Well, I recently adopted the idea that sometimes you are actually better off without having goals.

Unless you are a football player, of course.

Nevertheless, there are a few motivators, both intrinsic and extrinsic ones, which make me trying this blog. For an overview of them, you'll have to wait for the next post, though ;-)

Talking about motivators, I'd be interested how you found or heard about this blog. I'd be grateful for a few comments down there.


  1. y0 anski, zumindest einen leser hast du jetzt. ich lese jede scheiße im internet, jedoch fand ich den ersten eintrag recht gut - schreibstil kommt mir irgendwie bekannt vor.

    your facebook post linked me to this blog ...

    wie oft willst was schreiben?
    ich werde mir das angebot vor augen halten ...

    cu hf

  2. Danke giga ... an wen oder was erinnert dich der Schreibstil?
    Wie oft -> siehe no goals :) aber schau ma mal, 1x/woche oda wos vielleicht ...
    da morgan is super, heute nicht und auch morgen nicht, ne ne viel besser ist ___

  3. höhö, a neuer blogger.
    skype status, um deine frage zu beantworten.
    ich hab mir mal den feed abonniert.

    bis demnächst...


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